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Our passion is to help build great teams for great organizations 

We link talent and expertise to your supply chain value stream and eliminate wasted time searching for the right candidate. 

we do more

"With your commitment and ability to deliver each and every one of our requirements, we have been able to exceed our objectives. Quite simply it is amazing to work alongside a partner that really cares" - Andy

"I would like to warmly thank BLV and its team of expert advisers for their perseverance and professionalism in our talent search dossier by filling a position of first-rate Operations Director in our organization."

- Jacques Bédard, President, Groupe Transit

In our 25 years of industry experience, our experts have been exposed to virtually every type of supply chain there is. From small importers or exporters, to retail, to large scale industrial projects, we understand what makes it takes to make things move forward.


Quality management and regulatory compliance is critical in today's healthcare supply chain. Trust expertise that understands the industry. 


Who else better understands the issues that waste your time than people from the industry. From carriers to 3PL's, we have the ressources to help you focus on revenu generating activities. 


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