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It was through a passion for the industry that BLV was born. First as an association with our founder and then as BLV. Francois Lachaine and Erik Valiquette continue the legacy that brought them together to form Besner Lachaine Valiquette, a consulting and head hunting firm specializing in Logistics and Supply Chain strategies. 

Based in Montreal, our customers are across Canada and the USA. Our approach has always been a Human approach, both with our candidates and our customers, and we take great pride in the fact that you trust us with your issues.

T: 1-514-987-9522

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Elliott Besner

About Elliott

About 30 years ago, Elliott Besner began head hunting for transportation companies and made a name for himself as someone with a passion and the industry knowledge his customers were looking for. Many have met Elliott and his name is still associated with the expertise today. He was our founder and shall remain immortalized in our company name. 

Francois Lachaine

François Lachaîne

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T: 514-987-9522

M: 450-822-1228

About Francois

Francois has over 25 years of industry expertise with a real passion for Specialty Logistics and the Pharma world. He has worked across all facets of transportation, warehousing and distribution in management roles. Results orientated General Manager, Business Developer and consultant, Francois has largely contributed in building efficiencies through innovation and hiring 100's of qualified personnel nurturing a culture of excellence for lasting change.

Erik Valiquett

Erik Valiquette

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T: 514-987-9522

M: 514-222-4584


About Erik

Erik also has over 25 years of industry experience. His background is Freight Forwarding Operations with several leadership roles. Always looking for a better way to do things, he has a keen eye for process improvements and likes to make people and organizations shine. He's been involved in large scale projects and is a big fan of change management while always thinking of the human impact of new and exciting ways to do business. 

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